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Just Finished Community and I Have a Lot of Thoughts

2020.09.10 15:47 Just_a_travelr Just Finished Community and I Have a Lot of Thoughts

I'm sure this has all been said before, but like many others, I've been binging shows very hard while twiddling my thumbs through lockdown. My latest was Community and boy was this show the very epitome of mixed feelings.
Here's your obligatory warning that I spoil pretty much everything.
I remember watching the first couple episodes when it aired and getting turned off. I didn't like that the writers were leaning so hard into the romance between Jeff and Britta, who did not have very strong chemistry (something the writers eventually noticed). I also didn't like that Britta didn't have much character other than being Jeff's love interest so I didn't want to root for them. As a producer myself, I wonder if the showrunners had Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs read together during the casting process because it's very obvious. Anyway, revisiting it now, there are several changes that I missed out on, some good, some bad.
Seasons 1-4 had a strong connection to the premise while allowing the show to develop its own identity. Abed's weirdness got centered in film references and meta humor. Jeff and Britta got replaced with Jeff and Annie, and the age difference made a perfect obstacle for a perpetual Will They, Won't They. Troy's jockness, which wasn't that interesting when explored, was replaced for dramatic nerdiness and an amazing bromance with Abed. If I ever watch the show again, it will be fun to watch these things slowly creep in.
On the other hand, some things just went a little too far (including the actual number of season). Pierce, while sympathetic in the first season became cartoonishly mean. I had heard rumors that Chevy Chase became unhappy with his character and that caused him to act out on set, but damn. Also Britta, once removed as the object of Jeff's affections, suddenly became hyper liberal to the point of caricature. Again, because she didn't have much character to start with, the writer's had to fill in her dialogue with something other than "no Jeff, I won't sleep with you." Which is a shame since she could have been a nice take on a late-blooming maturity. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but I wish they'd made her a bartender earlier, since that would have shown her trying to support herself as an adult after an extreme teenage rebellion that went on for too long. And then there was Ken Jeong who was like the Dorne of the show; either super important or super unnecessary with few times in between.
All of these downsides I could have dealt with, especially since they were mostly still funny. But then came seasons 5 and 6. In season 5, I was horrified to watch the show become untethered from its concept, and drift aimlessly in a sea of chaotic storytelling. Then in 6, it just sailed off the edge of the Earth and into space (the Earth is flat in this analogy). Unlike shows like The Office, Parks & Rec, or the various crime procedurals, the premise of the show does not lend itself to the characters being on it indefinitely. From the start, there was a built-in endpoint (the gang graduating) and once the story was past that, it just became sad and pathetic to watch these people still be on screen like puppets that can't cut their strings. It kinda transitioned into a series of 20 min sketches with lots of meta jokes, bits, and homages, but no real substance. Now networks sometimes renew shows over the wishes of the producers so sometimes they have to limp on despite having no story, but that was not the case here. Personally, I blame that stupid #sixseasonsandamovie hashtag that encouraged the writers to push the show way past its expiration date.
Additionally, I have never seen a show cultivate a constant sense of unwarranted cancellation anxiety in its audience. I know showrunners deal with it all the time, but I've just never seen them pass that onto the viewers. In both the season 5 finale when they were cancelled the first time, and in season 6 it was like the writers were petrified of saying 'this is the end' and dropping the curtain. Usually when a show gets cancelled before the writers are ready, there's a feeling that there was more story they wanted to tell, but didn't get the chance. But in Community, they had no story left, so what was the deal? It made me wonder if creator Dan Harmon himself has issues with separation anxiety. It comes up on the show number of times, usually through Abed and the season 4 finale is the closest they come to a definitive finale, and that was the only finale Harmon wasn't involved in.
That's not to say the last two seasons were dead weight. There were definitely some gems there. That GI Joe episode just killed me, who doesn't love an overly dramatic game of The Floor is Lava, or a meta time travel story. But most of the time I wondered why the writers felt they had a reason for the show to exist. It felt like it was just on the air for the purpose of being on the air. And then bringing it back for a 6th didn't even feel necessary. I'm sure fans at the time were glad to have it back after a few years apart, but when you binge it like I did, the show seems to rapidly shrivel into a zombie husk of itself.
Which brings me to the actual series finale. Again I have very strong mixed feelings. The pitch session storyline was just sad to watch. It reinforced my assertion that the show had basically become a pointless sketch comedy. It was also annoying to hear the theme song so many times in a row. I was never crazy about the tune, but now I just fucking hate it. Once through that part, though, there's the final scene with Jeff and Annie, and I gotta tell you, it really fucked me up.
I've seen many fans wishing for the two to get together in a movie at some point, but personally, I've always felt they would make a terrible couple. He never treats her well, and she would probably grow tired of her inabilty to "fix him." And the truly heartbreaking thing is I think that Jeff realizes that in the end. Even when he's fantasizing about them having a wonderful life together, the illusion quickly crumbles because he knows her and himself too well. That leads him to express a desire to be young again as if wanting a chance at being a different person for her. Something they accept can never be. It really twists the knife in the heart of the shippers, among whom I count myself.
I can't deny the show was truly something special, and it's very clear the cast and producers loved working on it, but I can't help feeling it left me in a state of emotional limbo. I might have been spoiled by the strong finales of White Collar, The Good Place, or The Office, which walked the viewers through all five stages of grief before a graceful curtain call. Community on the other hand seemed determined to leave its viewers at Bargaining stage, without any sense of closure. I think I will forever hate it for that.
After I finished my binge, I wanted to watch something different to cleanse my palette of the conflicted emotions I was feeling. I settled on GLOW since I had seen a few snippets when my wife watched it, and it looked fun. Halfway through I realized I was watching yet another show about Alison Brie playing a naive but hardworking member of an ensemble while having an awkward romance with a man twice her age.
God Damnit.
TL;DR: Loved seasons 1-4. Seasons 5-6 were mostly annoying an unnecessary. Series finale left me feeling very conflicted.
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2020.08.08 21:31 klsi832 My Struggle II commentary with Chris Carter and co-producer Gabe Rotter

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2020.07.30 16:36 Soul_Man2004 Photographers

An editing base for David Bowie's photographers. From paparazzi to good friends.
The original was removed by bots so I'm using my profile instead. Don't think I'll be able to put it anywhere else.
Anyone coming into my profile to use this, feel free. It's unorganized as hell.
Notes: Low Symphony 92, 90 shades, 87 little girl and studio, red ghost duke
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2020.07.20 03:31 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E10 "Brainwave Jr." - Episode Discussion Thread

As Henry Jr. hones his newfound skills, uncovered secrets from his family's past force him to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Courtney, Yolanda, Beth and Rick's latest plan brings them face to face with a member of the ISA. Finally, tensions between Pat and Barbara force her to revisit her own past.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: July 20, 2020


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2020.07.13 04:23 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E09 "Brainwave" - Episode Discussion Thread

Tensions rise among the JSA members after Courtney suggests who she wants to recruit next to the team. Meanwhile, Barbara invites Jordan and his family over for dinner, and Henry Jr. makes a surprising discovery about his father.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: July 13, 2020


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2020.07.06 03:03 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E08 "Shiv Part Two" - Episode Discussion Thread

After Courtney gets herself into some trouble following an unexpected confrontation, Pat decides they need to come clean to Barbara. Meanwhile, Cindy takes heat from her father after a plan to take matters into her own hands goes awry. Finally, Yolanda, Beth and Rick lead an investigation into one of their own classmates.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: July 6, 2020


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2020.06.29 08:28 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E07 "Shivy Part One" - Episode Discussion Thread

As Pat teaches Courtney, Yolanda, Beth and Rick the importance of teamwork, the ISA converge to figure out who is trying to take them down. Elsewhere, as the school prepares for homecoming, Cindy lashes out against her father's strict rules, while Barbara accepts an offer from Jordan.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: June 29, 2020


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2020.06.29 01:31 Professional_Wall_61 Ian; Will&Grace

Spotted! Joel McHale from Community is a married guy who’s dating Grace in this episode. Jack refers to him as Frankenstein.
Season: 3 Episode: 16 Title: Cheaters
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2020.06.22 04:05 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E06 "The Justice Society" - Episode Discussion Thread

Courtney makes a difficult decision after Pat confronts her about the potential consequences of recruiting new members to the JSA. Courtney, Yolanda, Beth and Rick prepare for their first major mission.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: June 22, 2020


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2020.06.15 01:42 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E05 "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite" - Episode Discussion Thread

Pat finds himself one step closer to learning which ISA members may be in Blue Valley; a search for Ric leads Courtney, Yolanda and Beth to Cindy Bauman's Halloween party.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: June 15, 2020


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2020.06.08 05:54 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E04 "Wildcat" - Episode Discussion Thread

Courtney sets out to recruit new members to the Justice Society of America; Pat's suspicion is piqued following a bizarre conversation with one of the town's residents.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: June 8, 2020


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2020.06.01 06:05 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E03 "Icicle" - Episode Discussion Thread

After Courtney has an unexpected run-in with a member of the Injustice Society of America, Pat reveals the truth to her about their history. Meanwhile, Barbara is elated when she sees Courtney making an attempt to get along with Pat, not knowing the secret they've been keeping. Finally, things take a dangerous turn at Blue Valley High's open house night when Courtney becomes the target of dangerous foe.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: June 1, 2020


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2020.05.29 15:42 currentaffairs04 From 13 Reasons Why to Dark, TV Shows to Watch in June

The neo-noir crime thriller Paatal Lok — government produced by Anushka Sharma — was the buzziest new sequence in May for its portrayal of caste and spiritual fault traces in India. Matching it in acclaim on the other finish of the spectrum was the ultimate season of the sitcom Schitt’s Creek, which hit Netflix in India earlier this month. May additionally gave us new exhibits from the makers of The Office (Greg Daniels reteaming with Steve Carell on Space Force) and La La Land (Damien Chazelle heading to France for The Eddy), however, neither left a mark with critics. That was additionally true of the sequence reimagining of Snowpiercer, which continues its run by way of June. Joining will probably be a reimagining of a ‘30s personal detective from the makers of Friday Night Lights and Boardwalk Empire, a brand new mature tackle a younger British spy, and a South African socio-political thriller. June additionally marks the top of several exhibits, together with the first-ever German-language Netflix sequence, a 30-year-old San Francisco sitcom, and a controversial teen drama. With that, here is our June 2020 TV information, overlaying exhibits on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, Voot Select, and Quibi.
When: June 1 Where: QuibiEmmy and Golden Globe-winner Darren Criss is the creator and star of this movie-as-a-show — Quibi episodes run for 10 minutes or much less — concerning the lifetime of two songwriters, Sara (You’re the Worst’s Kether Donohue) and Pierce (Criss), and the “strange and hilarious” challenges they face in creating the world’s largest pop hits. Mark Hamill has a job and also will sing. Three episodes of Royalties out on launch date, adopted by extra each weekday.Quibi Review: Bite-Sized Content, Terrible Pricing
Fuller House
When: June 2 Where: NetflixIt’s been a pale and poor imitation of its authentic self — Full House, from the ‘80s and ‘90s — however the Tanners have however lasted 5 seasons upon their return, regardless of the firing of creator Jeff Franklin in early 2018 over a sequence of misconduct allegations. And no, for the nth time, the Olsen twins aren’t returning. All episodes of Fuller House season 5 half 2 out on launch date.
Alex Rider
When: TBA, not earlier than June 4 Where: SonyLIVIn the identical month the difference of a younger grownup spy sequence (Artemis Fowl) hits Disney+, Sony is giving us an adaptation of one other younger grownup spy sequence. The creator Anthony Horowitz serves as a government producer right here; he beforehand wrote the 2006 movie that ended up as a crucial and industrial dud. Hopefully, this second try will fare higher. All episodes of Alex Rider out on launch date, at any time when which may be. (It’s June Four within the UK.)
13 Reasons Why
When: June 5 Where: Netflix sequence that was designed to finish — and should have wrapped up — after its first season is lastly coming to a finish, three years later. In the fourth and closing season, Liberty High Schoolers are getting ready for commencement. But earlier than they bid farewell, they may struggle to maintain a harmful secret buried and be pressured to make life-changing, heart-breaking decisions concerning the previous. All episodes of 13 Reasons Why season Four out on launch date.
When: June 6 Where: Disney+ HotstarOver seven months since its première in its dwelling nation, the South African crime thriller — a co-production between SA, the US, and Germany — is about to go world. Based on Deon Meyer’s 2011 novel of the identical title, it seems at social divisions within the post-apartheid period by way of three views: a bodyguard tasked with two endangered black rhinos, a lady in a sad marriage, and an ex-cop tasked with a lacking individuals’ case. New Trackers episodes will air weekly.
I May Destroy You
When: June 8 Where: Disney+ HotstarChewing Gum creator, author, and star Michaela Coel is behind this new HBO-BBC co-production that can discover sexual assault — topical within the age of #MeToo — by way of its London-based story of a date-rape drug sufferer (Coel), who tries to piece collectively what occurred in an try to rebuild her life. New episodes of I May Destroy You will air weekly: Mondays for 2 weeks, after which Tuesdays.
When: June 14 Where: NetflixAnna Friel returns in her International Emmy-winning position because of the eponymous London detective, a divorcee, and a struggling mom. The third season pushes her additional on each the private {and professional} entrance, as she should cope along with her rocky psychological well being and the calls for of going undercover at work. Co-created by Hans Rosenfeldt, behind the Nordic crime noir The Bridge. All episodes of Marcella season Three out on launch date.
The Politician
When: June 19 Where: NetflixHaving conquered the scholar physique presidency within the first season, the bold college-aged Payton (Ben Plaat) has his sights set on the New York senate within the second. He’s up in opposition to a long-time incumbent (Judith Light) and her no-nonsense chief of employees (Bette Midler), and he is not above utilizing each soiled little secret at his disposal to climb the ladder. Gwyneth Paltrow, Lucy Boynton, and Zoey Deutch additionally reprise their roles in The Politician season 2, which drops in its entirety on the launch date.
Perry Mason
When: June 22 Where: Disney+ HotstarMatthew Rhys (The Americans) steps into the eponymous prison defense legal professional position popularised by Raymond Burr within the ‘50s and ‘60s, for an HBO miniseries that harkens again to the Great Depression. In 1931 Los Angeles, Mason is working as a non-public investigator and is pulled into a toddler kidnapping case. John Lithgow, Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) star alongside.From Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald, each of whom have beforehand labored on the darkish comedy-drama Weeds and the sports activities drama Friday Night Lights. Directed by Tim Van Patten, an Emmy winner for his work on Boardwalk Empire, additionally behind the primary two Game of Thrones episodes. New episodes of Perry Mason will air weekly.
The Twilight Zone
When: June 25 at 11:30 am Where: Voot SelectOscar-winner Jordan Peele returns together with his reboot of Rod Serling’s authentic 1959 anthology sci-fi sequence, which stars the likes of Joel McHale & Gillian Jacobs (Community), Morena Baccarin (Deadpool), Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg), Chris Meloni (Law & Order: SVU), Topher Grace (That ‘70s Show), Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Birds of Prey), Tony Hale (Arrested Development), and Billy Porter (Pose). Unlike the final time, all episodes of The Twilight Zone season 2 out on launch date.
When: June 27 Where: NetflixTime performs a central — and round — position on this German-language sci-fi sequence that spans 4 generations and hops between 5 completely different ages: 1921, 1953, 1986, 2019, and 2052. Notice any patterns? They are all separated by 33 years. All that time-twisting will attain its conclusion within the third and closing season. All episodes of Dark season Three out on launch date. Watch the First Trailer for Dark Season 3Beyond JuneWe’ll have an in-depth round-up of upcoming TV exhibits every month, however, we do know somewhat concerning the future already. Hanna: Season 2 / July 3, Amazon Prime Video Little Voice / July 10, Apple TV+ Room 104: Season 4 / July 25, Disney+ Hotstar Muppets Now / July 31, Disney+ Hotstar The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 / July 31, Netflix
From 13 Reasons Why to Dark, TV Shows to Watch in June

Current Affairs

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2020.05.25 21:08 crx_hx An Open Letter to The Masked Singer Producers

Dear TMS Producers,
I’m a big fan of this series just as much as everyone else on this subreddit. The show provides an endless amount of laughs from the celebrity panel, great performances and an overall fun time. This show has been a godsend during these strange times. My hope is to see this show last for many seasons.
I’ve noticed several things during this series that come off as a red flag. I fear if these things don’t get addressed, many fans will lose interest in the show. The producers/creative team should consider the following five suggestions:
  1. More Sing-offs should be implemented for the elimination rounds: I have noticed that S3 had fewer sing-off performances than S2. One of the things that is enjoyable about the sing-offs is seeing the masked performers bring on their A-game to stay in the competition. This segment forces the competitors to be the best on-the-fly and it gives the audience member (in-studio and at home) the chance to feel the competitive spirit. I’m sure we’ve all had that one masked performer that we rooted for during this round.
2.. Adding an additional Millennial/Gen Z’er to the Celebrity Panel:
As much as I enjoy the current celebrity panelists, I feel that the Millennial/Gen Z demographic isn’t fully represented on this series. A lot of the panelists are over 40 and have made Boomer guesses/remarks throughout the series. For example, when Ninja and JoJo Siwa were revealed, the panelists didn’t seem to know who these YouTubers were.
If the show were to bring a younger panelist, you can see the generational differences play out comedically/organically. I think it would be great to have a youthful energy to the panel to keep things relevant and current to the pop culture trends.
There are plenty of young content creators/influencers that the producers could pull from.It seems a little coincidental that the show’s budget grows bigger with every passing season.
Below are a list of several ball-park examples:
Potential Panelists: Charli D’Amelio (Famous TikToker) Willow Smith (SingeActor) Hilary Duff (SingeActor) David Dobrik (Social Media Star) Vanessa Hudgens (ActoSinger) Hailey Steinfeld (ActoSinger) Brittany Snow (ActoSinger) Ariel Winter (Modern Family) Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) Lea Michele (Glee) James Charles (YouTuber) Shane Dawson (Youtuber) Ashley Tisdale (ActoSinger) Ethan Klein a.k.a H3H3 (YouTuber) Cody Ko & Noel Miller (YouTubers) King Bach (Social Media Star) Rudy Mancuso (Social Media Star)

Guest Panelists: Seth Rogen (ActoWriteComedian) Adam Devine (ActoComedian) Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye) Lil’ DIcky/Dave Burd (Rapper) Raven Simone (ActoSingeHost) Pete Davidson (SNL) Andy Samberg (SNL/Brooklyn Nine-Nine) Akwafina (ActoComedian) Camila Mendes (Riverdale) Lili Reinhart (Riverdale) Benny Blanco (Music Producer) Andrew Santino (ActoComedian) Zendaya (ActoSinger) Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show) Jonathan Groff (ActoBroadway Star) Sean Evans (Hot Ones)
3. Real time voting should occur for this series: I’m sure there are many fans that weren’t too satisfied with the results of the S3 finale. I believe a big part of this frustration comes from the flawed voting system the show currently has in place. The show is pre-recorded in front of a studio audience and then aired on a later date for everyone to watch (which can be several months later). The way it works on the production side is the audience member signs an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before seeing the performances. Additionally, the audience members are only allowed to attend one taping of the series. The production team doesn’t want the same folks to come back a second/third time for fear of any leaked spoilers. So that means, each week the masked singers perform in front of a new set of audience members. So, when the production crew filmed the S3 finale, the new audience hadn’t seen any of the finalists’ other performances prior to the finals. When it came time to vote, the in-studio audience solely based their vote off their first impression of the performer rather than their entire season’s performance.
It feels unfair that the TV viewer is not allowed to vote for their favorite singer, especially since they have been watching and rooting for that specific contestant’s progress from the very beginning of the season.
For future seasons, it would be worth getting the TV audience involved in the voting process. My suggestion is to have the show air live. In order to allow time for at-home voting (and to accommodate the streaming viewers from Hulu), the elimination segment would take place a week after the performances.
For example, if the singers perform on May 27th, 2020 (Wednesday), the singer with the least amount of votes will be eliminated on June 3rd, 2020 (the following Wednesday). This gives viewers a full week to watch the episode and vote for their favorite performer. The elimination segment will take place at the beginning of each episode, followed by the new performances for that week. Several other reality competition shows already follow this format.
Allowing at-home voting will create better engagement and commitment to the series. This in turn will increase the show’s ratings.
4. Stopping Jenny McCarthy from revealing the singer’s identities at many elimination rounds:
Another thing I’ve noticed in S3 is the amount of times Jenny McCarthy reveals a singer’s identity in such an obvious manner. According to this article, Jenny had the most correct guesses (6/15) compared to the other panelists (Robin/Nicole: 5/15 Ken: 1/15).
Whenever Jenny guesses the correct identity of a singer, it appears as though she is reading notes written by the producers. This may be normal protocol, however, the delivery of her guesses comes off way too obvious and fake which then spoils the contestant’s reveal. When Robin and Nicole do the same thing, it appears less staged and feels like a genuine guess.
The producers should give the other panelists more of a shot to guess the singers correctly, so that way it comes off less scripted and the viewers don’t immediately resort to Jenny for the correct guess.
5. Joel McHale has to be in the season finale:
Throughout the three seasons of this show, I’ve grown very fond of having Joel McHale as a guest panelist. His improvisation is on point when guessing the contestants after every performance. There has not been a moment when folks didn’t laugh whenever he reacted to something. He brings the best out of the panelists, audience/viewers, and the contestants, especially since he has everyone genuinely laughing at all times.
Lastly, he wrapped out the Tiger King series, so he should have the honor to close out this epic show.
Sincerely, A Masked Fan
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2020.05.25 06:00 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E02 "S.T.R.I.PE." - Episode Discussion Thread

After Courtney has an unexpected run-in with a member of the Injustice Society of America, Pat reveals the truth to her about their history. Meanwhile, Barbara is elated when she sees Courtney making an attempt to get along with Pat, not knowing the secret they've been keeping. Finally, things take a dangerous turn at Blue Valley High's open house night when Courtney becomes the target of dangerous foe.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: May 25, 2020


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2020.05.21 11:11 mrbunnyflash23 I have a message for teachers everywhere following COVID-19. This is our chance.

I have something to say. My name is Jack Clonan. I’ve never been so sure of something in my life. My new teaching philosophy, nicknamed Infinite Education is going to revolutionize the field of education by fixing all the problems that public schools refuse to address like bullying, learned failure, lack of positivity, unengaging lessons, busy work, standardized testing, complete separation of special needs students from the regular classroom, gender stereotypes, undiscussed racism, religious influences, teachers who are sexual predators and this phenomenon I like to call the “mental health monster” effect. Don’t get me wrong! I would love to work in a public school one day to spread my positivity and make my classroom into a community like Joel McHale at Greendale Community College. However, I think we as educators can do better than what public schools are doing right now. Mental health is very real, and the unfortunate truth is we can’t hold kids to unreasonable standards anymore. Trauma happens every single day. Sexual assault happens every single day. Home lives can be messy. The city you live in might demand more than it should. Mistakes are punished with failing grades, and we lose confidence in ourselves even for one poor performance out of the entire show. These are all things we need to think about before we give out zeroes on assignments. Before we are so quick to correct things in red pen, and mark up a piece of work that at one point the student was proud enough to submit. These kids lives are at stake, and their worlds are in our hands.
I am so incredibly passionate working on this project, because I feel like the school system failed me. After maintaining perfect grades in all my classes, I hated myself and thought I had no future in any field of work. I was picked on sometimes in school, and unfortunately those mean words got to time after time. I thought I was a monster. Words hurt, and humans need to start to practice compassion. We need to learn to treat each other with respect and love, because if we don’t as a species we will never survive. In the next generation of schools, teachers should worry less about the little things like the due date of a paper or if the page was stapled correctly. Our childhood should be the greatest moments of our life, before we grow up and become adults and start making a difference each our own unique and empowering ways. Me and my partner, Ethan are going to make school fun again. We are going to make kids love the part of the day where they learn something about anything.
As educators, we are taught in every class to abide to a certain set of standards. If a child meets all the standards, they will have earned mastery in the topic. In my case, it is the Standards of Technological Literacy. Students have to learn all these random facts about agricultural to be considered technologically literate. In this day and age, if I wanted to know something about agriculture technology I would simply look it up. We train the mind at schools without a doubt, but we are simply doing the world a disservice if we are not letting students use the most powerful tool that mankind has ever invented, the Internet. The greatest Encyclopedia as some would say. When you enter the work force, you will surely be able to use your computer, Internet, instruction manual (textbook), calculator and mobile phone on the job so why do we not allow kids to use the greatest resource ever developed in the classroom?
Schools need to think differently every year, because it seems like kids change every year with the release of a new phone application or viral meme. We are trying to disconnect students from their devices, but they can allow us to achieve incredible things when taught correctly. I strongly believe cyber security, computer science and other technical skills should become a staple at schools but they are often underfunded due to sports expenses and other seemingly more important investments. Schools are run like a business, and we just let them do students dirty until they forget about it when they start earning money with their fancy degrees. As such, I want to create a place for kids to go where money is not a matter. We don’t have to think of our grades in scholarship opportunities anymore, but just find joy in learning like I did in high school. I viewed every class like a video game. Various different teachers (bosses) to learn the teaching styles (attack patterns) of day after day. I would evaluate my success in that game based on my PowerSchool score. I would award myself $100 to spend from my savings account on the newest video game only if I could score the coveted achievement of getting perfect grades. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was incentivizing the learning process for myself. I had so much fun studying and doing research for school, that I tried to help as many people as I could score perfect grades as well. Everyone can succeed if you just set your mind to it. I know that now.
So here’s my pitch. If you believe in me, up this post. Share this post so my call to action can be heard by teachers around the globe who are also sick of a system which is failing their kids. I know they are out there, especially after this COVID-19 distance learning fiasco that has caused so many students today to hate learning. I already have over twenty five teachers interested in helping us develop virtual reality curricula for Infinite Education when we open the world’s first superhero school. We are a movement, and we need to make sure our voice is heard. The next generation of magnet school is coming, and if we do it right kids will not struggle ever again. I have a dream where we can end suicidal ideation and just make kids happy again. Ethan’s main focus will be all of this, but also making sure that we teach kids how to take care of their bodies to prevent chronic pain and diseases that are absolutely preventable with care.
I want to thank my friend, Mrs. Pope for thinking about this idea on her own and inspiring me to make this post after I thought about why I was doing this for a while. I want to use superheroes to inspire kids to feel like invincible versions of themselves after they learn something new. Even if they are pansexual. Even if they aren’t gender binary. Even if they have a learning disability. We can all feel amazing about ourselves if we just adopt the right mindset. I hope you all realize that I’m coming to give this my best shot, because I love being a teacher. A voice keeps saying this is where I’m meant to be. Thanks for listening.
-Jack (Professor Duality)
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2020.05.18 05:17 Vullein070 Stargirl S01E01 "Pilot" - Episode Discussion Thread

Courtney's seemingly perfect life in Los Angeles gets upended with a move to Blue Valley, Nebraska with her mother Barbara, stepfather Pat Dugan and stepbrother Mike, and she finds herself struggling to adapt to her new town and high school. But when Courtney discovers that Pat is harboring a major secret about his past, she ultimately becomes the unlikely inspiration for a new generation of Super Heroes.
Share your thoughts, theories, predictions, and more! No spoilers for future episodes/seasons allowed.
Release Date: May 17, 2020


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2020.05.02 23:03 nirbateman Looking for wants

Hey guys, I accumulated quiet a bit of wants and I would like to find most or all of them, so if you have one or more of those, I would love to hear from you! You can PM me here.
Audio wants
Assassins 1992, London Anthony Barclay -- Balladeer, Paul Bentley -- Pres. Gerald Ford, Cathryn Bradshaw -- Lynette (Squeaky) Fromme, Michael Cantwell -- John Hinckley, Jack Ellis -- Leon Czolgosz, Michelle Fine, David Firth -- John Wilkes Booth, Louise Gold -- Sara Jane Moore, Henry Goodman -- Charles Guiteau, Paul Harrhy -- Giuseppe Zangara, Ciaran Hinds -- Samuel Byck, Sue Kelvin -- Emma Goldman, The Paul Bentley -- Proprietor, Gareth Snook -- James Blaine, Kevin Walton -- David Herold *Soundboard

Camelot - 1/5/63 OBC Closing Night Julie Andrews (Guinevere), Robert Goulet (Lancelot), Richard Burton (Arthur), Roddy McDowal (Mordred)

A Chorus Line - 5/23/75 New York Renee Baughman (Kristine Urich), Kelly Bishop (Sheila Bryant), Pamela Blair (Valerie Clark), Wayne Cilento (Mike Costa), Kay Cole (Maggie Winslow), Ronald Dennis (Richie Walters), Patricia Garland (Judy Turner), Ron Kuhlman (Don Kerr), Nancy Lane (Bebe Benzenheimer), Baayork Lee (Connie Wong), Priscilla Lopez (Diana Morales), Robert LuPone (Zach), Cameron Mason (Mark Anthony), Donna McKechnie (Cassie Ferguson), Don Percassi (Alan DeLuca), Michel Stuart (Gregory Gardner), Thommie Walsh (Bobby Mills III), Sammy Williams (Paul San Marco), Clive Wilson (Larry)

A Chorus Line July 12, 1975 ~ Broadway Donna McKechnie (Cassie), Robert LuPone (Zach), Kelly Bishop (Shelia), Sammy Williams (Paul), Priscilla Lopez (Diana), Thommie Walsh (Bobby), Baayork Lee (Connie), Wayne Cilento (Mike), Patricia Garland (Judy), Don Percassi (Al), Renne Baughman (Kristine), Michael Stuart (Greg), Pam Blair (Val), Cameron Mason (Mark), Nancy Lane (Bebe), Ronald Dennis (Richie), Kay Cole (Maggie), Ron Khulman (Don), Clive Clerk (Larry)

A Chorus Line July 25, 1975 ~ Broadway Renee Baughman (Kristine Urich), Kelly Bishop (Sheila Bryant), Pamela Blair (Valerie Clark), Wayne Cilento (Mike Costa), Kay Cole (Maggie Winslow), Ronald Dennis (Richie Walters), Patricia Garland (Judy Turner), Ron Kuhlman (Don Kerr), Nancy Lane (Bebe Benzenheimer), Baayork Lee (Connie Wong), Priscilla Lopez (Diana Morales), Robert LuPone (Zach), Cameron Mason (Mark Anthony), Donna McKechnie (Cassie Ferguson), Don Percassi (Alan DeLuca), Michel Stuart (Gregory Gardner), Thommie Walsh (Bobby Mills III), Sammy Williams (Paul San Marco), Clive Wilson (Larry)

A Chorus Line April 24, 1976 ~ Broadway Robert LuPone (Zach), Clive Clerk (Larry), Ron Kuhlman (Don), Kay Cole (Maggie), Wayne Cilento (Mike), Baayork Lee (Connie), Michael Stuart (Greg), Donna McKechnie (Cassie), Kelly Bishop (Sheila), Thommie Walsh (Bobby), Nancy Lane (Bebe), Patricia Garland (Judy), Ronald Dennis (Richie), Don Percassi (Al), Renee Baughman (Kristine), Pamela Blair (Val), Cameron Mason (Mark), Sammy Williams (Paul), Priscilla Lopez (Diana)

A Chorus Line - 3/31/79 London closing night Petra Siniawski (Cassie), Geoffrey Webb (Zach), Wendy Baldock (Sheila), Graham Turner (Paul), Diane Langton (Diana), Linda Williams (Val), Leslie Meadows (Bobby), Jeffery Shankley (Al), Jo-Anne Robinson (Kristine), Richard Lloyd-King (Richie), Liz Bagley (Connie), Mark White (Mike), Judy Gridley (Judy), Nina Caie (Bebe), Susan Claire (Maggie), Lance Aston (Don), Peter Barry (Mark), Christopher Molloy (Greg), John Chester (Larry), Martin Baker (Roy), Thom Booker (Butch), Rachel Izen (Tricia), Peter Loury (Tom), June Ingrahm (Lois), Juliet Naylor (Vicki), Tracie Hart (Liza), Carla Farnsworth Webb (Paula), Julie Collins (Wendy)

A Chorus Line September 29, 1983 ~ Broadway Donna McKechnie, Ann Rienking, Cheryl Clark, Vicki Fredrick, Deborah Henry, Angelique Ilo, Wanda Richert, Ann Louise Schaut, Pam Sousa (Cassie), Eivind Harum, Joe Bennett (Zach), Kelly Bishop (Sheila), Sammy Williams, Tommy Agulair, Rene Clemente, Steve Crenshaw, Drew Geraci, Wayne Melendandri, Evan Pappas, George Pesaturo, Sam Viverito, Timpthy Wahrer (Paul), Priscilla Lopez, Chikae Ishikawa (Diana), Thommie Walsh (Bobby), Baayork Lee, Jennifer Ann Lee (Connie), Wayne Cilento (Mike), Patricia Garland, Sandahl Bergman (Judy), Don Percassi, Scott Plank (Al), Renne Baughman, Kerry Casserly (Kristine), Michael Stuart, Justin Ross (Greg), Karen Jablons, DeLee Lively, Mitzi Hamilton (Val), Cameron Mason, Timothy Scott (Mark), Terri Klausner (Bebe), Ronald Dennis, Gordon Owens (Richie), Kay Cole (Maggie), Ron Khulman, David Thomé (Don), Clive Clerk (Larry), The Current New York Company, The International Company, The National Company, The Bus & Truck Company, The Las Vegas Company, The Chicago Company and the Foreign Companies A gala performance featuring almost every cast member from every major production since 1975. Became the longest running musical in Broadway History on this date, and would hold that title until 2000 SOUNDBOARD

Evita London July 1978 Elaine Paige (Eva Perón), David Essex (Ché), Joss Ackland (Juan Perón), Siobhan McCarthy (Mistress), Mark Ryan (Magaldi) (Not the one with the last track patched from the album)

Evita 1980-01-22 – West End, Prince Edward Theatre, London, UK Elaine Paige (Eva Peron), John Turner (Peron), Gary Bond (Che)

Evita 1980-04-05 – West End, Prince Edward Theatre, London, UK Marti Webb (Eva Perón), Gary Bond (Ché), John Turner (Perón), Mark Ryan (Magaldi), Siobahn McCarthy (Perón's Mistress)

Follies February 20, 1971 ~ Boston (First Preview) Dorothy Collins, John McMartin, Gene Nelson, Alexis Smith, Yvonne DeCarolo Musical Numbers with some dialogue, Highlights Only.

Follies April 1972 ~ Broadway (Opening Night, Colonial Theatre, Original Broadway Production) Alexis Smith (Phyllis), Dorothy Collins (Sally), Gene Nelson (Buddy), John McMartin (Ben), Yvonne DeCarlo (Carlotta), Ethel Shutta (Hattie), Fifi D'Orsay (Solange), Justine Johnson (Heidi).Follies April 5, 1972 (Matinee) Young Phyllis — Alexandra Borrie;Young Ben — John Johann; Dmitri Weissman — Edwin Steffe (understudy); Emily Whitman — Camila Ashland; Theodore Whitman — Ted Lawrie; Christine Crane — Jan Clayton; Kevin — David Roman; Willy Wheeler — Donald Weissmuller; Meredith Lane — Marion Marlowe; Sandra Donovan — Sonja Levkova

Follies September 1972 ~ Los Angeles Janet Blair (Sally), Alexis Smith (Phyllis), Edward Winter (Ben), Gene Nelson (Buddy), Yvonne DeCarlo (Carlotta Campion), Ethel Shutta (Hattie Walker), Justine Johnston (Heidi Schiller), Mary McCarty (Stella Deems), Fifi D'Orsay (Solange LaFitte), Marti Rolph (Young Sally/Young Heidi), Suzanne Rogers (Young Phyllis), Kurt Peterson (Young Ben), Harvey Evans (Young Buddy), Camila Ashland (Emily Whitman), Ted Lawrie (Theodore Whitman), Helon Blount (DeeDee West), Sonja Levkova (Sandra Donovan), Terry Saunders (Meredith Lane), Jan Clayton (Christine Crane), Patrick Spohn (Vincent), Jayne Turner (Vanessa), Edwin Steffe (Dimitri Weissman), Michael Bartlett (Roscoe), John J. Martin (Max Deems), Joel Craig (Willy Wheeler), Roy Barry (Kevin), Candace Cooke (Roscoe's daughter), Jacqueline Payne (Young Hattie), David Evans (Young Vincent), Margot Travers (Young Vanessa), Joseph Nelson (Major-Domo), John Grigas (Chauffeur)

Follies July 1977 ~ Milwaukee, MI Dorothy Collins (Sally), Anne Jeffreys (Phyllis), Jack Washburn (Ben), Ted Lawrie (Buddy), Jill Corey (Carlotta Campion), Dorsey Vogt (Hattie Walker), Janet Baxter Peltz (Heidi Schiller), Honey Sanders (Stella Deems), Jo Fischer (Solange LaFitte), Alice Cannon (Young Sally), Kathy Taylor (Young Phyllis), Kevin Daly (Young Ben), Frank Root (Young Buddy), Marianne Challis (Young Heidi), Julie Jenner (Emily Whitman), Betty Wragge (Thea Whitman), David Curry (Vincent), Irma Curry (Vanessa), Paul Albrecht (Dimitri Weissman), Clyde Laurents (Roscoe), Cris Groenendaal (Max Deems), Joe Billone (Kevin), Gary Barker (Chauffeur), Jeanne Krempp (Young Carlotta), Diane Nicole (Young Hattie), Mib Bramlette (Young Stella), Judith Ann Conte (Young Solange), Ruth Anne McCoy (Young Emily), Jan Wahl (Young Thea)

Follies 1985 ~ Manchester Mary Millar (Sally), Josephine Blake (Phyllis), Kevin Colson (Ben), Bill Bradley (Buddy), Jeannie Harris (Carlotta Campion), Chili Bouchier (Hattie Walker), Betty Benfield (Heidi Schiller), Meg Johnson (Stella Deems), Monica Dell (Solange LaFitte), Liz Izen (Young Sally), Debbie Snook (Young Phyllis), Stephen Hale (Young Ben), Paul Burton (Young Buddy0, Meryl Richardson (Young Heidi), Shirley Greenwood (Emily Whitman), Bryan Burdon (Theodore Whitman), Peter Honri (Vincent), Marie Lorraine (Vanessa), David Scase (Dimitri Weismann), Joseph Powell (Roscoe), Les Want (Max Deems), Lorraine Croft (Young Stella), Mitch Sebastian (Young Vincent), Kim Ismay (Young Vanessa), Linda Jane Holmes (Francesca), David Morgan-Young (Kevin), Anthony O’Driscoll (Chauffeur), Anthony Thomas James (Photographer)

Guys and Dolls Revival 1992 ~ Broadway Peter Gallagher (Sky Masterson), Nathan Lane (Nathan Detroit), Faith Prince (Miss Adelaide), Josie de Guzman (Sarah Brown), Walter Bobbie (Nicely-Nicely Johnson), Eleanor Glockner (Agatha) SOUNDBOARD

Gypsy - Broadway - 1974 Angela Lansbury, Zan Charisse, Rex Robbins

Hello Dolly - Broadway - December 27, 1970 - Closing Night Ethel Merman, Jack Goode, Russell Nype, June Helmers, Danny Lockin, Georgia Engel

Hello Dolly - Broadway - 1978 Carol Channing (Dolly Gallagher Levi), Eddie Bracken (Horace Vandergelder), Florence Lacey (Irene Molloy), Lee Roy Reams (Cornelius Hackl), Robert Lydiard (Barnaby Tucker), Alexandra Korey (Minnie Fay), K.T. Baumann (Ermengarde), Michael C. Booker (Ambrose Kemper), Johan Anania (Rudolph), P.J. Nelson (Ernestina)

Into the Woods March 17 1993 - Sydney Judi Connelli (Witch), Simon Chilvers (NarratoA ComposeMysterious Man), Tony Sheldon (Baker), Geraldine Turner (Baker's Wife), Pippa Grandison (Cinderella), Dean McRae (Jack), Melissa Jaffer (Jack's Mother), Sharon Millerchip (Little Red Ridinghood), Phillip Quast (Cinderella's Prince/Wolf), D. J. Foster (Rapunzel's Prince), Leonie Cambridge (Rapunzel), Deborah Wells (Cinderella's Stepmother), Jenny Vuletic (Florinda/Snow White), Jacquline Linke (Lucinda/Sleeping Beauty), Susanne Towers (Cinderella's MotheGranny)

Into the Woods March 28, 2012 - Baltimore Lauren Kennedy (Witch), Jeffry Denman (Narrator), Erik Liberman (Baker), Danielle Ferland (Baker's Wife), Jenny Latimer (Cinderella), Justin Scott Brown (Jack), Cheryl Stern (Jack's Mother), Dana Steingold (Little Red Ridinghood), Nik Walker (Cinderella's Prince/Wolf), Britney Coleman (Rapunzel), Robert Lenzi (Rapunzel's Prince/Cinderella's Father), Alma Cuervo (Cinderella's StepmotheGrandmotheGiant), Nikka Lanzarone (Florinda), Eleni Delopoulos (Lucinda), Jeremy Lawrence (Steward/Mysterious Man) Nice to have an audio of Danielle Ferland (the original Little Red Ridinghood on Broadway) as the Baker's Wife. She's amazing in "Moments in the Woods"!

La Cage Aux Folles - London - July 24, 2009 Philip Quast, Roger Allam, Nolan Frederick, Ben Deery, Alicia Davies, Tracie Bennett, Iain Mitchell, Abigail McKern, Adrian Der Gregorian, Scott Spreadbury, Matt Krzan, Nicolas Cunningham, Darren Carnall, Gary Murphy, Ben Bunce, Leanne Harwood, Robert Maskell

Little Shop Of Horrors The Comedy Theatre London 12th August 1985 Seymour - Barry James, Mushnik - Harry Towb, Audrey - Claire Moore, Orin and others - David Burt, Crystal - Nicola Blackman, Ronnette - Dawn Hope, Chiffon - Shezwae Powell, Audrey II - Gary Martin Notes: The track with "The Meek Shall Inherit" contains the following scene which includes "Somminex" and "Somewhere That's Green (Reprise)."

A Little Night Music January 23, 1973 ~ Boston (Opening night) George Lee Andrews, Len Cariou, Despo, Patricia Elliott, Beth Fowler, Hermione Gingold, Laurence Guittard, Garn Stephens, Glynis Johns, Judy Kahan, Mark Lambert, Barbara Lang, Victoria Mallory, Teri Ralston, Benjamin Rayson, Elaine Tomkinson, Gene Varrone

A Little Night Music October 17, 1995 ~ London Judi Dench (Desirée Armfeldt), Siân Phillips (Madame Armfeldt), Laurence Guittard (Fredrik Egerman), Joanna Riding (Anne Egerman), Brendan O'Hea (Henrik Egerman), Lambert Wilson (Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm), Patricia Hodge (Countess Charlotte Malcolm), Issy van Randwyck (Petra), Claire Cox (Fredrika), Di Botcher, Louise Reckon-Richards, Kate Dyson, Tim Godwin, Sylvia Griffin, Stephen Hanley, Paul Kynman, Joe Maddison, John Owen-Jones, Ernestina Quarcoo, Morag McLaren

Oliver! January 1965 ~ Chicago Ronny Kroll (Oliver Twist), Davey Jones (The Artful Dodger), Robin Ramsey (Fagin), Judy Bruce (Nancy), Danny Sewell (Bill Sykes), Alan Crofoot (Mr. Bumble), Bram Nossen (Mr. Brownlow), Dawna Shove (Widow Corney), John Miranda (Mr. Sowerberry), Ruth Maynard (Mrs. Sowerberry)

On the Town 1971 ~ Broadway Ron Husmann (Gabey), Jess Richards (Chip), Remak Ramsay (Ozzie), Donna McKechnie (Ivy Smith), Phyllis Newman (Claire De Loone), Bernadette Peters (Hildy), Tom Avera (Pitkin), Marilyn Cooper (Lucy Schmeeler), Fran Stevens (Maude P. Dilly)

Promises, Promises - 1968 Broadway soundboard Jerry Orbach (Chuck Baxter), Jill O'Hara (Fran Kubelick)

Rebecca Caine: No, No, Cosette - London - March 25, 2012 Rebecca reveals her dark side. Music by Blitzstein, Vernon Duke, Turnage, Ravenhill/Offenbach, Kern, Porter, Novello, Yeston, Coward and more. With Nathan Martin on piano.

Rocky Horror June 22, 1991, London Anthony Head (Frank N Furter), Craig Ferguson (Brad Majors), Zalie Burrow (Janet Weiss), Tim Whitnall (Riff Raff), Kate O'Sullivan (The Usherette/Magenta), Vicky Licorish (Columbia), Ivan Kaye (Dr. Scott/Eddie), Adam Caine (Rocky), Peter Bayliss (The Narrator), Ian Good (Phantom), Julia Hampson (Phantom), Penelope McGhie (Phantom), Paul Reeves (Phantom), Stephen Thiebault (Phantom), Mark Turnbull (Phantom) *Final performance

Sunday in the Park with George 1990 West End Phillip Quast (George), Maria Friedman (Dot/Marie), Sheila Ballantine (Old Lady/Blair Daniels), Nuala Willis (Nurse/Harriet Pawling), Michael O'Connor (Franz/Dennis), Nicolas Colicos (A SoldieAlex), Gary Raymond (Jules/Bob Greenberg), Nyree Dawn Porter (Yvonne/Naomi Eisen), Michael Attwell (A Boatman/Lee Randolph), Megan Kelly (Celeste #1), Clare Burt (Celeste #2/Betty), Aneirin Huws (Louis), Di Botcher (Frieda/Elaine), Ellen van Schuylenburch (Woman Looking for a Glove), Barry Atkinson (Man Playing the Horn), Matt Zimmerman (Mr./Charles Redmond), Vivienne Martin (Mrs./Billie Webster), Buffy Davis (A Waitress), Simon Fielder (A Photographer) -Tracked

Sweeney Todd (Broadway Revival: 1989) Bob Gunton (Sweeney Todd), Beth Fowler (Ms. Lovett), Jim Walton (Anthony), Gretchen Kinglsey (Johanna), David Barron (Judge Turpin), Micahel McCarty (Beadle Bamford), Eddie Korbich (Tobias), SuEllen Estey (Beggar Woman), Bill Nabel (Pirelli)

Sweeney Todd - Melbourne, Australia - June 21, 2019 Anthony Warlow and Gina Riley

West Side Story - Scandinavian tour - Copenhagen, Denmark - March 16, 1962 - Soundboard David Holliday (Tony), Jill Martin (Maria), Carole Gray (Anita), Rikki Septimus (Bernardo), Gordon Wales (Riff)

Video wants
Anything Goes London -- July 17, 2004 Sally Ann Triplett, John Barrowman, Martin Marquez, Simon Day, Mary Stockley, Susan Tracey, Rachel Stanley Amazing quality with a lot of close-ups! Almost look like it's a proshot! 2 DVDs

Assassins 12/21/90 ~ New York Victor Garber,Terrence Mann, Jonathan Hadary, Lee Wilkof, Annie Golden, Debra Monk, Patrick Cassidy, Greg Germann From Playwrights Horizons; one head in the way and filmed from very close; upgraded copy with clearer picture and sound; a very nice video A
Into The Woods Nancy Dussault (Witch), Cynthia Sikes (Baker's Wife), Chip Zien (Baker), Kim Crosby (Cinderella), Edmund Lyndeck (NarratoMysterious Man), Robert Westenberg (Cinderella's Prince/Wolf), Ben Wright (Jack), Barbara Bryne (Jack's Mother), LuAnne Ponce (Little Red), Marin Mazzie (Rapunzel), Dean Butler (Rapunzel's Prince), Merle Louise (Cinderella's MotheGranny/Giant), Joy Franz (Stepmother), Kay McClelland (Florinda), Teresa Burrell (Lucinda), Adam Grupper (Steward) Complete recording of Nancy Dussault in the role of the witch. The recording looks like it was professionally shot with one camera, maybe for media purposes. It is completely watchable, but unfortunately there is a decent amount of generational loss. File Format: VOB, 1 Disc

Into The Woods 1989, Broadway Betsy Joslyn, Dick Cavett, Chip Zien, Chuck Wagner, Barbara Bryne, Ben Wright, Danielle Ferland, Kim Crosby Broadway Highlights nicely filmed, about an hour's worth of footage; Cavett was still new and didn’t know all of the lines yet. A little dark at times, but good quality overall! File Format: VOB, 1 Disc

Into The Woods 1993 ~ Wytenshaw, England Caroline O'Conner, Grania Renihan, Glyn Kerslake, Charles Foster, Fenton Gray, Barry James, Di Botcher, Lindsey Dawson Very well filmed, extremely clear video. Almost looks pro shot with nice closeups and good sound A

Into The Woods 1993, Sydney, Australia Judi Connelli (Witch), Simon Chilvers (NarratoA ComposeMysterious Man), Tony Sheldon (Baker), Geraldine Turner (Baker's Wife), Pippa Grandison (Cinderella), Dean McRae (Jack), Melissa Jaffer (Jack's Mother), Sharon Millerchip (Little Red Ridinghood), Phillip Quast (Cinderella's Prince/Wolf), D. J. Foster (Rapunzel's Prince), Leonie Cambridge (Rapunzel), Deborah Wells (Cinderella's Stepmother), Jenny Vuletic (Florinda/Snow White), Jacquline Linke (Lucinda/Sleeping Beauty), Susanne Towers (Cinderella's MotheGranny)

A Little Night Music 1995 ~ London Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Riding, Siân Phillips, Issy Van Randwyk, Patricia Hodge Highlights of this legendary, amazing production from the National Theatre, London; some generation loss but nice video with good sound and some closeups, shaky. B+

Merrily We Roll Along 1981 ~ Broadway (Lonny Price, Jim Walton,Ann Morrison, Jason Alexander) UPGRADED!!! Amazing video considering its age, great sound A

Miss Saigon 1989 ~ London Lea Salonga, Jonathan Pryce, Simon Bowman, Claire Moore, Peter Polycarpou, Keith Burns From the Theatre Royal Drury Lane; Act I is highlights only with an almost complete Act II. Generation loss and spotlight washout but watchable and clear sound B

Nine 1982 ~ Broadway Raul Julia, Anita Morris, Karen Akers Very old, good for its time, picture is grainy, good close-ups Upgraded video with commerical from Anita Morris at start explaining that about her censored scene from the show; better video A

Noises Off 1983 ~ Broadway Dorothy Louden, Victor Garber, Brian Murray, Linda Thornson, Paxton Whitehead, Deborah Rush, Jim Piddock, Douglas Seale, Amy Wright Nicely filmed from the balcony, with occasional heads at the bottom of the frame. Surprisingly good considering it's age, but some slight generational loss. A-

Nymph Errant London -- 1989 Kaye Ballard, Andrea McArdle, Alexis Smith, Larry Kert, Lisa Kirk, Patrice Munsel, Maureen McGovern, Liliane Montevecchi Star-studded London concert presentation of the rarely seen Cole Porter musical. Some slight generation loss, but a very good quality video with excellent zooms.

Rocky Horror Picture Show 1990 Piccadilly Theatre, London. Mary Maddox (Usherette/Magenta), Gina Bellman (Janet), Adrian Edmondson (Brad), Jonathan Adams (Narrator), Edward Tudor-Pole (Riff Raff), Linda Davidson (Columbia), Richard O'Brien/Tim McInnerny (Frank N Furter), Adam Caine (Rocky), Gordon Kennedy (Eddie/Dr Scott), Zalie Burrow, Ian Good, Kate O'Sullivan, Paul Reeves, Stephen Thiebault (Phantoms)

The Music Man 1980 ~ Broadway Revival Dick Van Dyke Camcorder video; some generation loss B

The Three Musketeers 11/17/84 ~ Broadway, Revival Brent Spiner, Ron Taylor, Chuck Wagner, Liz Callaway, Marianne Tatum Nicely filmed from the balcony of this show that closed after just 9 performances. Some generational loss; DVD also includes a TV review by Pia Lindstrom; nice video A-
Here is my list:
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2020.04.13 15:52 some-random-bot Subreddit with no moderators: /r/hereandnow

Subreddit: /hereandnow
Title: Here and Now
Subreddit for the HBO show Here and Now.


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Episode Discussions

  • 01 - [Eleven Eleven](
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  • 04 - [Hide and Seek](
  • 05 - [From Sun Up To Sun Down](
  • 06 - [Fight, Death](
  • 07 - [Wake](
  • 08 - [Yes](
  • 09 - [Dream Logic](
  • 10 - [It_s Here](
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Score Title Date
1 Sosie Bacon on live stream tomorrow!! 2020-04-10 11:16:01
1 Where can I watch here and now in streaming ? 2019-11-11 22:53:22
3 here you go 2018-11-17 05:20:39
3 Ramon's reaction in episode 9 2018-09-13 04:19:40
14 Total came to this today? Should I call my therapist or what? 2018-06-09 11:23:42
3 Weird coincidence: Trump to host military parade on 11/11 (veterans day) 2018-05-08 22:22:14
11 Here and Now featured on Netflix's Joel McHale show. 2018-04-30 18:45:07
15 HBO Decides To Cancel Alan Balls Here And Now After Just One Season And Fans Are Not Happy 2018-04-29 04:26:59
26 Here and Now Canceled By HBO After One Season 2018-04-26 07:30:00
11 Best line of the entire show 2018-04-16 19:45:35
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2020.04.09 05:54 RaniPuspita 11 Things That You Never Expect On Joel Mchale Joel Mchale

11 Things That You Never Expect On Joel Mchale Joel Mchale – joel mchale
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Joel McHale on His New Netflix Show, Playing Chevy & a Community .. joel mchale
Joel Mchale Imágenes De Stock & Joel Mchale Fotos De Stock – Alamy – joel mchale joel mchale
Conocé un poco más acerca del nuevo show de Joel McHale – Ciudad .. joel mchale
Archivo:Joel McHale 11 Comic Con.jpg – Wikipedia, la .. joel mchale
Joel McHale Doesn’t Like to Hold It (& Betty Gilpin Does) – joel mchale joel mchale
Joel McHale at LOL San Antonio – joel mchale joel mchale
The Soup Host, Community Actor Joel McHale Hitting Up Laugh Out .. joel mchale
joel mchale – Setlistmx – joel mchale joel mchale
Joel McHale ficha por la temporada final de Will & Grace – Series .. joel mchale
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2020.02.13 17:06 Dr_Charisma My idea for rebooting the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom

So, for this plan to work, the Fantastic Four movie should aim for the February 2022 release date. If that happens, we're fine.
The Cast
Mr. Fantastic - John Krasinski
Invisible Woman - Emilia Clarke
Human Torch - Colin Ford
The Thing - Pablo Schreiber
Mole Man - Jonah Hill
Doctor Doom - Oscar Isaac
Namor - Henry Golding
MODOK - Rainn Wilson
Psycho-Man - Damian Lewis
Wizard - Jemaine Clement
Mad Thinker - Joel McHale
Molecule Man - Glenn Howerton
My idea for the first Fantastic Four solo movie is as follows:
Then, I'd introduce Doctor Doom via a Black Panther 2.
After that, I'd re-introduce the Fantastic Four in Ant-Man 3.
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2019.12.06 23:36 caughtinthought 18 of the top 50 game scores in NBA history have happened in the past five seasons. That's 36% of the entries in only 12% of the seasons (counting from 1980).

Rank Player GmScore Date Team
1 Michael Jordan 64.6 3/28/1990 CHI
2 Kobe Bryant 63.5 1/22/2006 LAL
3 Karl Malone 60.2 1/27/1990 UTA
4 James Harden 56.6 1/30/2018 HOU
5 Michael Jordan 54.7 4/3/1988 CHI
6 Devin Booker 54.5 3/24/2017 PHO
7 Kevin McHale 54.3 3/3/1985 BOS
8 Anthony Davis 53.9 2/21/2016 NOP
9 LeBron James 53.2 11/3/2017 CLE
10 James Harden 52.4 11/30/2019 HOU
11 James Harden 52.2 2/28/2019 HOU
12 David Robinson 51.8 4/24/1994 SAS
13 Dominique Wilkins 51.6 12/10/1986 ATL
14 Jimmy Butler 51.5 1/2/2017 CHI
15 Michael Jordan 51.2 11/3/1989 CHI
Michael Jordan 51.2 2/26/1987 CHI
17 Kobe Bryant 50.9 3/16/2007 LAL
18 Carmelo Anthony 50.6 1/24/2014 NYK
19 Giannis Antetokounmpo 50.4 3/17/2019 MIL
Reggie Miller 50.4 11/28/1992 IND
21 Amar'e Stoudemire 50.2 11/5/2008 PHO
22 Anthony Davis 50.1 2/26/2018 NOP
23 Tom Chambers 50 3/24/1990 PHO
24 Kobe Bryant 49.7 12/20/2005 LAL
Michael Jordan 49.7 4/12/1987 CHI
26 Willie Burton 49.6 12/13/1994 PHI
Charles Barkley 49.6 11/30/1988 PHI
28 Shaquille O'Neal 49.5 3/6/2000 LAL
29 James Harden 49.2 11/5/2017 HOU
Stephen Curry 49.2 10/31/2015 GSW
31 Dwyane Wade 49 3/9/2009 MIA
32 LeBron James 48.8 3/3/2014 MIA
33 James Harden 48.7 12/31/2016 HOU
Shaquille O'Neal 48.7 4/20/1994 ORL
35 Damian Lillard 48.6 4/8/2017 POR
Michael Jordan 48.6 12/23/1992 CHI
37 James Harden 48.5 1/23/2019 HOU
Allen Iverson 48.5 2/12/2005 PHI
39 Kyrie Irving 48.2 3/12/2015 CLE
40 Dirk Nowitzki 48 12/2/2004 DAL
David Robinson 48 1/16/1993 SAS
42 Joel Embiid 47.9 11/15/2017 PHI
Damian Lillard 47.9 2/19/2016 POR
Michael Jordan 47.9 1/21/1989 CHI
45 Gilbert Arenas 47.8 12/17/2006 WAS​
47 Michael Jordan* 47.7 3/7/1996 CHI
48 Michael Jordan* 47.6 3/4/1987 CHI
49 Chris Paul 47.5 4/1/2015 LAC
Dwyane Wade 47.5 2/28/2009 MIA​
Edit: It's actually 19/50, so 38% (my bad). Even crazier! Source:
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